LAST CALL for Educationalist to join Council (posted 14 May 2019)

At their meeting in Berlin on 22 March 2019,  Executive agreed to advertise for an educationalist to join Council effective 1 January 2020.   Included here is the job specification and we would appreciate your nominations.  Executive will then make the proposal for Council to vote on at the annual Council meeting in November 2019.

Please contact info@cce-europe.orgwith your nominations  or  questions. 


Applications should arrive by 8 June 2019.


Educationalist - Job purpose                                                                                                  

To make assess and reach a judgement about the academic quality and standards of a chiropractic education provider.


Main duties and responsibilities

Through the application of educational expertise and knowledge:

  • to undertake as part of a team an independent assessment of the academic quality and standards of chiropractic education providers
  • to identify and assess risks to academic standards and the quality of student experience against published criteria and standards.
  • to apply experience and knowledge to deliver commendations and recommendations to enhance student experience, quality assessment and continuous improvement.
  • To assimilate, analyse and evaluate a wide range of evidence, including quantitative and qualitative data.
  • To provide input to team meetings, identifying evidence and agreeing outcomes and recommendations on whether a provider meets the relevant assessment criteria.
  • Work closely with the Chair and Secretary on the drafting the assessment report, including ensuring that the assessment outcomes are supported by the text and are evidence based.
  • To adhere to a set of agreed procedures to ensure consistency of the delivery of review, to specific timescales and deadlines.



Person Specification Attributes




Experience of:

  • overseeing, managing or delivering higher education provision in a senior academic role
  • conducting reviews, assessments, investigations or similar activities
  • assessing the achievements of students on higher education programmes at their own provider and/or other providers
  • active engagement with students in quality assurance.



Experience of:

  • services to an Europe-wide range of higher education institutions.



  • An awareness and understanding of the status and function of the educational quality codes and standards.


Skills and Abilities


  • ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • ability to relate to a range of individuals including students and senior managers
  • strong analytical skills with the ability to assimilate, analyse and evaluate large quantities of quantitative and qualitative data to form reliable, evidence-based conclusions
  • ability to communicate clearly, orally and in writing
  • ability to work effectively with electronic and/or web-based communication systems
  • ability to adhere to agreed protocols, procedures and deadlines.
  • maintain the confidentiality of sensitive matters.


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