SDU reaccredited for further 5 years until 2013

The ECCE is pleased to announce that the Institute for Clinical Biomechanics at Syddansk Universitet Odense, Denmark has been reaccredited for a period of five years until 2013. In their report the evaluation team praised the leadership provided by the Dean, and the Director of Study who have raised the profile of Chiropractic within the Institute and the University, and provided a vision for the future of chiropractic in Denmark. The research ethos which underpins the educational model of the Institute and results in high quality research informing the learning experience and academic aspirations of the students was also most impressive. One of the characteristics of the programme is the interdisciplinary links with other medical sciences which foster the integration of chiropractic within a wider health care community. The evaluation team were impressed by the supportive role provided by student mentors/counsellors in the early years of study together with the support provided by student observers on the Study Board. The Director of Studies had also introduced themed intra-curricular activities which had strengthened chiropractic identity within the Clinical Biomechanics programme.

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