Information for prospective students

The ECCE is an external quality assurance agency concerned with the accreditation of institutions offering chiropractic education and training in Europe. As a prospective student wishing to train as a chiropractor, you should think carefully when choosing an educational institution. Of course there will be many factors that you will have to consider, including where you want to study, the language a programme is delivered in and funding. However, a very important consideration is also the quality of the education and training offered at an institution, and the currency of your qualification once you become a chiropractor.

The ECCE accredits institutions against a set of Standards that cover a number of areas of the course offered by an institution, including the academic and clinical standards of the curriculum, the educational resources including the teaching staff, and governance and management policies and procedures. A complete set of the Standards can be downloaded here.

If you choose to go to an ECCE-accredited institution, you can be sure that the institution has been judged to meet these standards. The education and training you receive will enable you to graduate from the institution as a safe and competent practitioner, with the skills and attitudes to continue to learn and develop in line with the ever-changing healthcare needs of the population throughout your professional life.

Choosing where to study chiropractic is an important decision. Investing in an education that is provided by an ECCE-accredited institution ensures that your qualification as a chiropractor will be recognised as one of quality and the highest standards throughout the world.

A list of ECCE-accredited chiropractic educational institutions can be found at this website.